Arborio rice, record of rice

Big grain for all recipes

DESCRIZIONE: The  Arborio rice  is a record-breaking rice. In fact it is:

the Italian rice best known abroad
the Italian rice with the biggest grain of all
the most Italian rice sold in Italy 

All of these features make it a great rice. Good for risotto, perfect in creaming as it has a lot of starch, can be used for many recipes, maybe a bit to view all his great versatility. Let's say a "rice to make everything", but of good quality. We said good risotto, good in salads and even in soups. With good cooking resistance, always in the heart housewives will carry the Arborio rice.

RECOMMENDED FOR: creamy risottos and wave, rice salads, soups, pies.

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Arborio rice Label

It contains gluten?NO
It is brown?NO
Recommended for:  All recipes
Cooking time:                            16 min boiling, 21 min for risotto 

History of Arborio rice

Where does the name "Arborio"? 
There is a big village in the province of Vercelli that is called Arborio, and where Dr. Domenico Marchetti,  an agronomist born right there, wanted to dedicate this variety he selected.

Selected it from the intersection of two varieties of the time, the Vialone (not to be confused with the Vialone Nano today), and the Lady Wright, a forgotten variety, and then introduced fully in rice production in 1967.
Since then, the Arborio rice has continued to grow in cultivated areas to become the best-selling Italian rice and known worldwide.
If we talk about Italian rice abroad, it is called Arborio rice and then, in the background of all the other laughed.
Dr. Marchetti he selected also another very special varieties in vogue 30 years ago, Rosa Marchetti precisely.

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