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Quality catering? Food or Gastronomy?

Do you have a grocery store, a deli, are you a wholesaler?
Or are you a restaurateur? Are you part of a G.a.s.
Do you want to offer your customers a quality product, different from the commercial brands now present everywhere?
Do you think our rice and our products can go well with your sales philosophy?
Are you part of a Gas and do you think that our policy "from producer to consumer" could well reconcile with that of buying groups?
Then contact us to request our retailer list, to which we offer the products you have seen on our site (and also something more) at store prices. The quality and service that distinguishes us are always the same, punctuality and speed of deliveries.


If you are a professional operator (retailer, food retailer, gastronomy or catering), browse our catalogs dedicated to you.

Catalog Food Shop

Here you find our resale packs (500g, 1kg) and in general all medium-small packs suitable for those who want to offer them in their own store.


Catalog Restaurant

Here you will find all the packages suitable for catering, catering, hotels and laboratories as well as bulk products stores. In general you will find all our packs designed for good consumption and good savings.


Price list

You can use this module for send us you request, or send us directly an email to