Wholesale and Ho.Re.Ca

Our Rice for your restaurant.

Our company is aimed carefully at the HoReCa channel, devoted to catering and restaurant owners who are looking for a quality product fast and punctual delivery service and special packages that optimize price and ease of use of our rice in the kitchens of chefs.
For this for years now, we serve "Ceremonial restaurants" where the rice is never lacking in married menu and banquets, and where attention to cooking resistance is essential. Our customers know this and this is why they choose to buy RisoGuerrini. The packs of 5kg vacuum also provide a good balance between great price for the customer and maximum shelf life of the product.

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Our rice for your food shop

We are present for years on shelves delis and food shops selling local products and local, small convenience store or a corner dedicated to local products in major stores.
Product quality, attractive packaging, speed and punctuality of deliveries are our strengths.
And then there is the wide range of products we offer, all related to the world of rice, from risotto ready, our DOP rice of Baraggia, aromatic and colored rices like black Venus rice or red rice Hermes and much more products yet.

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