Others rices

Roma rice

The Roma rice is a great Italian rice with a grain much more like the Carnaroli rice than to others. Much of Roma rice that is sold today is not Roma but rice varieties Baldo or Galileo, or even white rice. 
For some customers, we select the best local rice farmers the best real Roma, proposing especially for restaurants.
It 'a variety of risotto and salads, with a good qualtit of starch, which therefore makes the very creamy dishes, but at the same time with a good cooking resistance.
Cooking time: 16 minutes approximately.

Parboiled rice

English parboiled, which means pre-cooked, does not indicate a variety but simply a treatment that is done to the rice.
The parboiling is in fact a process (only for industrial way of the machinery so high) in which the paddy rice (i.e. the raw rice still with the skin) is placed in autoclaves (tanks) and put under vacuum pressure at a temperature of more than 100 degrees, in this way the grain is cooked, and part of sostanzez contained in the outer part of the grain (that is, the full), pass inward to the heart. We talk about vitamins and minerals. Also starch, cuocendosi, comes out grain as enclosed by the husk (skin) and jellies. For this reason the parboiled rice normally a "rubbery" feel while you eat compared to non-parboiled rice.

The main changes are:
-The grain looks translucent, slightly amber, consistent color;
-the content of vitamins and minerals is undoubtedly higher than the white rice;
-the cooking behavior, the degree of water absorption and the characteristics of the product after cooking are deeply different with respect to the white rice;
-the characteristics for storage are changed, that is preserved better than the white rice.
Even parboiled, such as brown rice, remember that it is not a variety but a manufacturing process that can be done with any rice, standardizes the final result enough, speaking of cooking resistance, taste and organoleptic characteristics. Why industries usually choose to make parboiled rice with Ribe rice, which has higher yields productive and therefore less costs.