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In the heart of the Baraggia, our family operates in the field of rice production for over 60 years. Since 1997, four brothers have inherited the legacy of our parents and, in keeping with tradition, we cultivate and sell the rice we produce.
We live and cultivate an extraordinary land, the Baraggia, which offers, in addition to this precious cereal, also of the only places in the world to visit. The same our countryside, at certain times of the year, are placed by "card".
Discover therefore this territory and our rice, we come to visit us, alone or in a group (with guided tours).

PDO Rice Baraggia

We live and cultivate rice in Baraggia Biella, a 'rice production area located in the northeast of Piedmont ...

Ready risottos

Tasty recipes with Carnaroli rice, vegetable broth without glutamate and very much the main ingredient. Practical, fast ...

Video Recipes

Follow our videosRecipes on Facebook. Episode after episode, we will reveal the secrets of cooking our rice, with recipes expertly created by ....
For all other recipes, https://tinyurl.com/fbRG-VideoRicette

Italian Riceland

Italian Riceland - Le terre del Riso - Bellissimo video realizzato da Ente Nazionale Risi, che racconta il percorso di "vita" dell'acqua e del riso.

White rices

Grown and processed by us.Carnaroli and Arborio rice is the most popular of our production and ... 

Black and red rice

Brown aromatic  rices, natural born in Italy: Red, Black and Apollo ...

Discover our gluten-free flours

Our rice flour is gluten-free.
Dusting, bread dough and gluten-free pizza, cakes and biscuits ....

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Guided tours

We have always been a company that has no secrets for its customers, convinced that there is nothing better than to introduce ourselves making them see (almost with a "hands") all of the processes that turn a seed into a plant, and from there the way through ...

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