Why choose Riso Guerrini

Our service charter:
  • Our rice is 100% Italian, indeed Piedmontese, indeed Biellese !
  • Let's show the face, always !
  • We also show hands, because it is with the ones we work with
  • Customer satisfaction as a target
  • First goodness, then beauty
  • You can come and visit us to understand that we try to make quality rice every day
  • We accompany the customer in the choice, we have no preferences for our rice, unlike our customers
  • From the producer to the consumer, with zero and almost zero kilometers (ecommerce)

Cultivated and transformed by us.  What differentiates us from most of the rice that can be found on the market? Surely the identity of the territory, the Biellese one in which we cultivate, which has such special characteristics that it deserves the Protected Designation of Origin PDO "Baraggia Biellese and Vercelli Rice", to which we adhere and which represents the flagship of our products. Our rice all comes from these lands.

Another strength is the craftsmanship of our rice. Rice is piled with stone, with less processing, because if the grain is less processed, it is less white but it leaves something extra. In fact, by smoothing the grain a lot during bleaching, many of the properties of the grain go away: mineral salts, fiber, held to cooking.

As we consider ourselves rice artisans, we also want to "dress" it well with a particular and unique packaging. The fabric packaging, in cotton, represents a lot our craftsmanship, and our family dimension. Elegant and floral patterns, they "dress" our rice by presenting the consumer with a product immediately recognizable as rustic, which is very reminiscent of the sack used by housewives to fetch rice in a rice mill. Once upon a time, he would go home and sort himself by hand, eliminating impurities.

Today all this is done by us with the help of modern technology, in fact rice is selected several times and finally controlled by grain with an automatic optical sorter, which guarantees maximum product purity.

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