Sant'Andrea PDO rice

Mister Baraggia

PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: The Baraggia rice production area is located in the northeast of Piedmont, at the foot of Monte Rosa (Alps), in the Provinces of Biella and Vercelli. With a climate characterized by rather cool summer months and the presence of cold waters, the Baraggia rice fields are the first to be irrigated by mountain springs. For these features and for the care with which it is grown ilRiso Baraggia has a majority holding to cooking, superior consistency and low stickiness.

DESCRIPTION: The S.Andrea  Rice of Baraggia is undoubtedly the most typical rice PDO Baraggia Biella and Vercelli. Until a few years ago she had grown by 85% only in Baraggia and then was one of rices that gave the paternity to the Protected Designation of Origin. A less known than the other rice Carnaroli and Arborio, but because of its excellent price-quality ratio is a rice which is much appreciated. It has features like a medium grain (neither big nor small), with a lot of starch, therefore suitable for creamy risotto (being careful to cooking), but even more is a rice soup, rice balls, rice cakes, in short, for all those recipes in which the rice must "bind" a lot.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Soups, pies, rice cakes, sweets, oranges, creamy risottos and wave Arborio.

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