Brown PDO rice Baraggia

Healty eating

PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: The Baraggia rice production area is located in the northeast of Piedmont, at the foot of Monte Rosa (Alps), in the Provinces of Biella and Vercelli. With a climate characterized by rather cool summer months and the presence of cold waters, the Baraggia rice fields are the first to be irrigated by mountain springs. For these features and for the care with which it is grown the Baraggia rice has a majority holding to cooking, superior consistency and low stickiness.

DESCRIPTION: The rice Integral actually does not identify a variety of rice, but a phase of the rice processing. Our rice Integral, PDO certified "Riso di Baraggia biellese e Vercellese", we propose it in the variety Sant'Andrea.
Production. Integral rice, said that rice is a stop at the first stage of processing, that is peeled (the skin that protects the kernel) is removed. What you get is already brown rice, or rice semigrezzo, and before being packaged must still pass in sieves, cleaners and an optical sorter to remove all the defects and impurities.
I know in the kitchen. The Integral rice has a cooking time of 45 minutes (30 min. In the pressure cooker, all have more or less the whole cooking time), it must always be first boiled, and in any case there should never be roasted (as it is done for the white rice in preparing a good risotto. This is because the outer part of the grain (ie the integral rich in fiber, vitamins and mineral salts) is very hard and the broth or the cooking water takes more time to penetrate the grain and cook well inside.
RECOMMENDED FOR: boiled rice, salads, soups.

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